Robin Korevaar


I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and received my Bachelor's in Music Therapy/Minor in clarinet performance from Loyola University-New Orleans.  Steve Cohen provided exceptional inspiration and opportunity as my clarinet instructor and the professional experience gained in both fields there was outstanding.

In my early twenties, I worked in psychiatric and geriatric settings in Louisiana, Colorado and Texas, continuing to perform "on the side" as an extra clarinetist with the New Orleans, Colorado and Dallas Symphony Orchestras and as a member of other regional groups (see Clarinet page).  I earned my Masters of Social Work degree at U.T. Arlington in 1996 and found Alexander Technique improved my life and clarinet playing.  I have chosen to deepen my career in music performance and education since starting my own family:  the benefits of my non-traditional musical education enrich my teaching studio and other professional activities.

My primary passions are music & visual art, community & education, and thenatural world (which relates to my love of triathlons and hiking, but I won't go into that here...)

Understanding how things work and helping people nurture their art and selves are cornerstones of my life.

Community is key to a rich and well-lived life:  I am thankful for the wonderful personal and professional circles in which I spend my days.

I invite you to explore the performing and visual arts with me here!

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